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ARE YOU MAXIMIZING THIS FREE PUBLICITY BY DISPLAYING THE SEAL ON YOUR WEBSITE & COLLATERAL?  The Keller FunnelTM was introduced to the plastic surgery community in 2009, and by early 2011, had a developed a dedicated roster of funnel enthusiasts.  These early adopters formed the core of surgeons experienced in using the Keller Funnel – each having reviewed our product training video, completed the product certification test and used the funnel for more than 20 procedures. In 2011, we introduced the Funnel Certification Seal Program. The program is designed for these experienced funnel users as a means to provide information to patients interested in knowing which surgeons in their area […]

Heading to San Francisco for the ASAPS Aesthetic Meeting?

  It’s only 3 weeks until the ASAPS Aesthetic Meeting in San Francisco.  Are you planning to attend?  One of the best meetings of the year, this year’s ASAPS will be held at the Moscone Center on April 26-28 and the Keller Funnel 2 will be available for you to demo at the Keller Medical booth, #1410. Experienced funnel user but not yet tried the KF2?  Come on by and get your hands on one – see how incredibly slippery the new hydrophilic coating is . . . most noticeable with a textured or shaped implant – it just glides right through!  Never tried a funnel before?  This is your […]