Use these 4 simple steps for breast implant insertion1:

Step 1: TRIM

Following the trim guidelines printed on the funnel, use sterile straight-blade scissors to trim the distal end of the funnel to accommodate the implant. Printed trim guidelines are only suggested trim locations. Surgeon must ensure length of distal end of funnel is adequate to allow implant to pass through without damaging the implant. Length of distal end of the funnel after being trimmed does not dictate incision length. Surgeon should make the optimum incision based on the specific implant being used.


Fully immerse the funnel in a basin of sterile solution to render the inner surface slippery. Funnel should not be allowed to soak for longer than necessary, but should be kept moist to prevent inner hydrophilic coating from drying completely.

Step 3: LOAD

Insert the gel breast implant into the large end of the funnel using a no touch delivery technique. Use one hand to support the distal end and the other hand to advance the implant down the funnel to approximately 1 cm from the distal end.

Step 4: PROPEL

Insert the funnel approximately 1 cm through the incision and gently propel the breast implant into the surgical pocket using a no touch delivery technique.

Please refer to the Instructions for Use or the Instructional Video for additional information.

KELLER FUNNEL®2 accommodates a variety of gel breast implant shapes and sizes, including smooth round, textured round, shaped or anatomical. Textured shaped or high-profile breast implants may require a larger trim size1. KELLER FUNNEL®2 is not indicated for use with saline implants.

KELLER FUNNEL®2 is intended for single patient use only. It cannot be reused on another patient or resterilized. Reuse on another patient or resterilization should not be performed under any conditions as contamination or infection may occur. Attempts to reuse on another patient or resterilize may cause diminished product performance, including loss of lubricity, potentially causing breast implant damage, including rupture.1

Please see the Instructional Video to learn more about using KELLER FUNNEL®2.

Open and trim a new KELLER FUNNEL®2 according to the trim guidelines printed on the funnel. The opening should be large enough to allow the breast implant to gently pass through.1

Ensure the inner surface of KELLER FUNNEL®2 is properly hydrated. Deliver the breast implant into the pocket as soon as possible after hydration.1

Visit the Find a Surgeon page to see a list of surgeons using KELLER FUNNEL®2 in your area. If you cannot find a surgeon in your area, your Allergan Aesthetics Sales Representative can assist you with your request.

If you have any questions or would like additional information about KELLER FUNNEL®2, contact your Allergan Aesthetics Sales Representative or call Allergan US Customer Support at 1-800-377-7790.

The Instructions for Use is available in many languages, to ensure proper instructions are available for KELLER FUNNEL®2. Please view and download the Instructions for Use.

Reference: 1. Keller Funnel®2 Instructions for Use, Rev D.